The plan of the castle is the same on all floors: a vast hall of about 100 m2, a small room in three of the towers, the fourth tower being a spiral staircase that serves the entire height of the building.

Reception room

vue anjony

After discovering the austere medieval exterior and admiring the height of the towers (about 40 metres), the visitor enters through one of the towers into the castle's reception room, a large vaulted room with a former dirt floor that served as a cellar and storeroom.

The ceiling of the room still contains hooks for hanging food and salt products.


First floor - Lower room

salle basse

It is a richly furnished living room with two large tapestries. The three-storey beamwork of the room is very impressive, as is the size of the fireplace. In one of the towers is the chapel, entirely decorated with frescoes from the early 16th century depicting the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Since the 18th century, this chapel has housed a black Virgin, Notre-Dame d'Anjony.


Second floor - Valiants room

preux hector

This room is entirely decorated with frescoes from the middle of the 16th century in shades of ochre and pink on the theme of the "legend of the Nine Valiants". On either side of the fireplace, Michel d'Anjony and Germaine de Foix, his wife, masters of the house at the time, welcome visitors.

The legend of the Preux, very well known in the Middle Ages, features nine characters, who are represented here on horseback. It is an exceptional set, very few decorations on this theme having survived, in their entirety, until our time.



Third floor – Audience room

salle darme


 It is a very high room with two keystones, very different from the Valiants Room. A very large tapestry depicting the triumph of the Emperor Justinian, in the guise of Louis XIII, covers one of the walls, while the others feature portraits of the d'Anjony family.

In one of the towers there is a room furnished in the style of the 18th century.


Walkways and military floors



All around the keep, the visitor will be able to walk along the ramparts, with their battlements and machicolations, admiring the view over the whole valley.

At the top of the staircase tower, he will also be able to notice the strength of the framework that supports the roofs of slate.




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